Manufacturer: 20/20 imaging

Product Name: 2020-EHR

Description: 20/20-EHR is a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system designed specifically for your podiatric practice through a hub of tightly integrated 2020 Imaging products. The system includes functionality for appointment scheduling, patient charting, radiology orders and results, laboratory orders, electronic prescriptions, billing, fully integrated HL7 engine, and has obtained ONC-ATCB Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification.


Manufacturer: 20/20 Immaging

Product Name: PACS Browser-Based Viewer

Description: Share Exams Without Burning CDs, enjoy Instant Access for Consulting Physicians, access Off-Site Viewing and Dictation, utilize 3D Mammo and Templating, Use As a New System or Enhance Your Existing Digital System. Go filmless with Viztek’s Opal-Cloud, the latest technology to provide workflow efficiency, image security and piece of mind. Fully hosted, available on-line, quickly accessed fiber connected PACS also stores dictations, transcriptions, databases, user accounts and exam reports. Viztek’s off-site storage continuously monitors your data to ensure reliable availability even in the event of a disaster or primary archive failure, Viztek can provide web-based viewing and even an overnight replacement server with all your data ready and available.

Opal-MD II

Manufacturer: 20/20 Imaging

Product Name: CR unit coupled with Opal PACS software

Description: Scan Forms for Viewing Into Exams, Auto Rout to Multiple Off Site Radiologists, Import Outside Patient CDs, Burn Patient CDs with Viewer, Eliminate the Cost Associated with Film, and enjoy Optional Off-Site Image Archiving Viztek’s complete Opal-MD II solution includes the ultra-small footprint Opal-CR II with the Opal-RAD Mini PACS, creating a complete product bundle. Small facilities no longer worry about receiving multiple products from various providers that do not communicate; the Opal-MD II bundle is streamlined for efficiency for the best workflow. Enjoy the freedom to review images anywhere, from any PC, tablet, or phone.


Manufacturer: 20/20 Imaging

Product Name: PACS RAD Software

Description: Whether you’re a small imaging center or a large multi-site hospital, Opal-RAD boasts a full range of leading edge features and functionalities to meet your needs at an affordable price. Opal-RAD’s Web architecture requires only an Internet connection and browser to turn any computer into a diagnostic workstation. Viztek also supports iPad and Droid tablets. The result is significant cost savings over proprietary PACS hardware and the flexibility to work anywhere. Opal-RAD is scalable and adaptable to grow with you. The “Per Shot” payment program offers the option of charging a fee per exam without purchasing the entire system up front.


Manufacturer: eRAD

Product Name: eRAD PACS System

Description: eRAD PACS is a flexible, standards-compliant, web-based, workflow management solution. Consolidate radiology exam information including images and reports from multiple systems into a centrally managed work list, accessible using off-the-shelf browser technology. eRAD PACS provides complete PACS functionality, including data acquisition, long-term storage, high availability, disaster recovery and advanced diagnostic viewing. – Reliable – User friendly – Secure – Fault tolerance and disaster recovery solutions – Expandable – Conditional archiving options across multiple storage facilities – DICOM and HL7 support – Customizable configuration, integrating multiple RIS, EMR, PACS and other systems

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