Manufacturer: Control-X

Product Name: Digital Stand

Description: The Z-MOTION Universal Digital Stand provides a new approach for practitioners to employ digital flat panel technology. The stand is fully motorized and counterbalanced, though for quick changes the stand can be easily positioned in seconds manually when releasing the brakes. Z-Motion’s versatility allows patients to sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table. The unique system design preserves the alignment between the collimator and digital receptor in any position. With an SID range of 100 to 200cm (39.5″ to 79″), Z-Motion offers a variety of examination possibilities. Once the desired position is achieved, electromagnetic brakes firmly lock the arm in place.

C-SA Straight Arm

C-SA Straight Arm

Manufacturer: 20/20 Imaging

Product Name: X-Ray System

Description: This floor mount straight arm comes with H.T. cables, manual collimator, DR adaptation for 17×17 and 14×17 applications, 32kW single phase X-ray generator, 125vp X-ray tube. 8’9″ minimum ceiling required.


Manufacturer: iCR

Product Name: DR System

Description: With iCRco’s direct digital solution iDR you no longer handle cassettes. iDR is fixed in your exam room and it is a sealed scan head technology. Unlike other DR systems available today, iDR can be completely integrated into your existing Rad Room ensuring maximum uptime and ease of transition when converting to digital. It can be on a u-arm, bolted to a wall stand or located inside a table. iDR streamlines your workflow because it is simple to use and fast. iDR doesn’t require the physician to upgrade an existing x-ray room making this DR second to none for low cost of entry to the digital environment.

– No cassettes to handle
– Easy patient positioning
– One moving part
– Sealed scan head technology
– Touch screen capable image processing software
– Easy integration to any X-ray room


Manufacturer: iDR-L

Product Name: Long Bone X-Ray System

Description: iDR-L is another innovation form iCRco. This DR is another first in digital imaging and it completely revolutionizes how long bone imaging is done. It also eliminates the need for image stitching software. Long bone iDR encapsulates a 14″x 51″ plate which creates a full spine image in one exposure. Workflow is once again streamlined by reducing three separate x-rays to a single exposure hence reducing dose and discomfort to the patient. Because the full image is taken in one shot and image stitching is eliminated, iDR increases your productivity and throughput. By implementing iCRco solutions in your practice, you will instantly become part of the Innovation.

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