Manufacturer: 20/20 Imaging

Product name: Computerized X-Ray Image Converter

Description: The Opal CR is the fast and easy way to convert your facility to digital today! The easy-to-use tabletop CR can produce 56 plates per hour while offering crisp image quality. Reading images at 10 pixels/mm, the compact CR can be used in any environment, including mobile units. Opal CR is the fastest way to take existing analog imaging into the digital realm. Additionally, the CR also offers significant speed and image quality over analog film processing.

Opal-CR II

Manufacturer: 20/20 Imaging

Product Name: Computerized X-Ray Converter

Description: CR II is the ideal solution for converting x-ray to digital. The CR is scalable and has a sleek footprint that is easy to install virtually anywhere. Weighing only 65lbs, the CR II can easily be used in applications where space is limited. An optional vertical wall mount is available, offering multiple installation options. CR II offers an easy in field upgrade to go from 20 plates per hour to 70 plates per hour, as your facility volume grows. CR II is supported by Symphony III post processing software complete with enhanced grid suppression.


Manufacturer: iCR

Product Name: Computerized X-Ray Image Converter

Description: VertX is the choice of the United States Military. It was designed with tough in mind. Use as a portable or stationary CR for a flexible digital imaging solution for all medical imaging environments. It is also the only CR to withstand several vigorous military environmental testing procedures. It is a true portable CR only at 50lbs. VertX can be mounted on to existing mobile X-ray units such as GE AMX-4*, instantly converting existing analog portable equipment into a digital solution. VertX streamlines your workflow because it is simple to use and fast. Superior image quality and durability of the VertX is a testament to the expertise in medical imaging that iCRco promises and considers its core competency.


Manufacturer: iCR

Product Name: CR Unit

Description: iCR3600 offers exceptional image quality, high through put and low cost of ownership. We have re-invented how CR technology works with True Flat Scan Path. This technology ensures the phosphor plate never leaves the cassette to avoid any plate handling or damage during the scan process, making 300,000+ images per plate a reality.

-Only wall mountable CR
– True Flat Scan Path
– One moving part
– 300,000 images per plate
– DR quality images with CR versatility
– Easy integration to any X-ray room


Manufacturer: iCR

Product Name: Mammography CR

Description: This single-plate reader is geared for early detection of breast cancer, capable of simultaneously scanning ultra-high resolution images at 50 microns. The iCR3600M introduces a high-quality lens, enhanced optical sensors, and a precision drive system into one compact CR system. Its specially designed mammography acquisition software and quality control applications will ensure that your system is running at its best every time. All new image display state shows balanced image of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures. Features automatic analysis of image characteristics and preservation of detail for thicker body parts.

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