Refurbished C-Arms

Manufacturer: Various Brands Available

Product Name: C-Arm

Description: When budget constraints won’t allow for new equipment purchases, we have a lower cost solution – refurbished equipment. X-Tronix offers many models of refurbished c-arms and accessories. We service everything we sell and no service contracts are required.

MediCap USB300

Manufacturer: Medi Capture

Product Name: High Definition Medical Video Recorder

Description:  The USB300 is the medical industry’s easiest, most affordable high-definition recorder. Record up to two weeks of HD video on the internal hard drive or record directly to a convenient USB flash drive. Now you can experience easy, affordable HD video without all the hassles of DVD disks. The USB300 will work with C-Arms, endoscopes, arthroscopes, surgical cameras, ultrasounds, etc. Save to an internal hard drive or external USB flash drive. Can be accessed via any computer on your network.

MediCap USB200

Manufacturer: Medi Capture

Product Name: Standard Definition Medical Video Recorder

Description:  The USB200 lets you easily record DVD-quality video and still images from your existing medical imaging equipment. It works with C-Arms, ultrasounds, endoscopes, intraoral cameras, surgical microscopes, etc. Just press a button or tap a footswitch to start saving video and still images.

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