X-Ray Systems

Perform-X Rad System

Manufacturer: Control-X

Product Name: RAD System

Description: This is Control-X Medical’s most advanced radiographic system. It comes with a WS 99 wall stand, WS 99DL accessory kit, heavy duty, free-standing TS 99 tube stand, Phoenix Hi-Lo four-way table, 50 kW generator and digital interface. The system generator can be upgraded. Column rotation and cross-table travel are optional.

Perform-X AT

Manufacturer: Control-X

Product Name: Floor-Mounted Auto-Tracking Rad Room

Description: It is a system with motorized Tube Stand, Wall Stand and elevating Four-Way table. Depending on users choice full automatic procedures are selectable, including auto-tracking, APR positioning and selectable parking positions. The motorized wall stand and tube stand ensure advanced stitching capabilities for full spine or full leg studies. The motorized tilting mechanism of the wall stand allows accurate and easy positioning of the receptor for angulated studies.

Individual components such as tables and wall stands are also available.

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