Protective Apparel and Skirting

Manufacturer: Various Brands Available

Product Name: Lead Protection

Description: X-Tronix offers a full line of protective lead and light weight lead apparel and table skirting, including eye wear, aprons and more. Call us to place an order.

Sensors and Cables

Manufacturer: Various Brands Available

Product Name: Cables

Description: For your convenience, X-Tronix offers a variety of cables, cuffs, connectors and sensors. For SpO2, ECG, EKG, NIBP, IBP and O2. Part of our one-stop-shop approach to keeping our customers happy.

Small Equipment

Manufacturer: Various Brands Available

Product Name: New and Used

Description: While we specialize in imaging equipment, we also offer small equipment such as patient monitors, blood flow devices, injectors, defibrillators, sterilizers, and more. We can also keep your small equipment running smoothly by putting it on a maintenance schedule for you.

Pain Management / Vascular / Urology Tables

Manucaturer: Surgical Tables Incorporated

Product Name: Medical Tables

Description: STI (Surgical Tables, Inc.) produces a variety of C-arm and imaging tables that are designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques. In fact, Surgical Tables Inc. is one of the largest and most-trusted names in C-arm table technology, offering a complete line of surgical tables that will meet your needs both today and into the future. Loaded with features and with the ability to move in up to five directions, STI tables set the standard for efficiency, ergonomics and safety. X-Ray imaging tables can be purchased with 5-way adjustable controls, including height, lateral tilt, trendelenburg, longitudinal travel and lateral travel. The precision controls mean your patients are exactly where you need them during delicate procedures where millimeters can make a difference. Each table has been specifically designed for particular surgical and imaging procedures. Table models by specialty: Pain Management C-arm Tables Interventional Radiology Tables Interventional Cardiology Tables Vascular C-arm Tables Urology C-arm Tables Lithotripsy C-arm Tables Nephrology C-arm Tables ERCP/GI Tables Bariatric Surgery C-arm Tables

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